Try to deploy drogue cloud

Triy to deploy drogue_cloud with
env CLUSTER=minikube ./hack/

After a while I got…

++ kubectl -n drogue-iot create secret generic jwt-key --from-file=jwt.key=/root/drogue-cloud/hack/…/tmp/jwt.key
secret/jwt-key created

  • kubectl -n drogue-iot apply -k /root/drogue-cloud/hack/…/deploy/minikube/
    error: AccumulateTarget: rawResources failed to read Resources: YAML file [service.yaml] encounters a format error.
    error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 21: did not find expected ‘-’ indicator

Is there anything wrong? Thanks a lot Christian

Hi Christian,

Can you grab the latest changes and retry? And ensure you have the minimum required version of kubectl/minikube?

Can you tell exactly which service.yaml file is failing?

Also, what OS are you trying this on?


To me it looks like something that we should remove. Taking a look at the what the script (hack/ does, it deploys the secret only once (when the file did not exist). But I’ve run the installation numerous times, and it never complained about the missing secret.

@chris could you simply re-try a fresh minikube installation. Either commenting out that line, or not deleting the jwk.key, so that it doesn’t execute the kubectl command.

And I will check if we can remove this, or need to fix.

Hi everyone.

Have done a fresh minikube installation with latests changes an everything is working fine now:-)!!!

Thanks a lot Christian

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Cool, thanks for the feedback!