Rust on the BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a popular development kit often used to teach kids how fun programming can be. Lets see how we can hook it up to the cloud!

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Just testing the comment functionality. Still, great blog post! :slight_smile:

Super interesting! Two questions, as I don’t have micro:bit and can’t try it myself:

  • is your device visible without any problems to other devices? I’m trying the rubble characteristic demo, and only my Ubuntu machine with a BT/WiFi dongle can see it and interact with it. It’s invisible to RasPi4 and to nRF Connect on Android. I read in the comments on rubble GH that it has something to do with connectable/non-connectable, but I don’t know how to fix that, and also can’t see anything very different in your code (from that demo settings, I mean). I’m trying it with nRF52840 on Arduino BLE Sense and Adafruit ItsyBitsy.
  • are you reading the logging on the console? I thought you’d need a JLink for RTT?


@nebelgrau77 Sorry for the late response. Somehow I didn’t get notifications for this, but I guess you found the answer to the first question in the github issue.

Regarding the logging, the probe-rs project supports RTT, so probe-run (which uses probe-rs) will display RTT info to the console when running the code. No additional tools or blogs needed :blush:

Sure, no problem. I figured it out in the meantime. I didn’t realize micro:bit had this additional chip on board, that handles all sorts of communication and supports CMSIS-DAP. That’s super cool!