Make deploy


Have compiled and published the project to Quay!
Repositories are all public - now I want to deploy the container

make deploy

Describe the pod I get following error…
… secret “drogue-iot” not found…

Have done the steps from:

now I get
Error: couldn’t find key password in Secret drogue-iot/drogue-iot

Does anyone have an idea what is wrong?

Thanks a lot- Chris

Type Reason Age From Message

Normal Scheduled 78s default-scheduler Successfully assigned drogue-iot/outbox-controller-75f776dd6f-kqwqh to worker1
Normal AddedInterface 76s multus Add eth0 [] from openshift-sdn
Normal Pulled 71s kubelet Successfully pulled image “Quay” in 4.586045374s
Normal Pulled 68s kubelet Successfully pulled image “Quay” in 3.427910198s
Normal Pulled 53s kubelet Successfully pulled image “Quay” in 1.487859921s
Normal Pulled 36s kubelet Successfully pulled image “Quay” in 1.462639874s
Normal Pulled 23s kubelet Successfully pulled image “Quay” in 1.517805153s
Normal Pulling 8s (x6 over 76s) kubelet Pulling image “Quay
Warning Failed 7s (x6 over 71s) kubelet Error: secret “drogue-iot” not found
Normal Pulled 7s kubelet Successfully pulled image “Quay” in 1.467666491s

Hi Chris,

that secret contains the Kafka access credentials for the internal Kafka user.

If you deploy Drogue Cloud using Strimzi as Kafka operator, then this secret will be derived from the KafkaUser custom resource, which gets deployed by the Drogue Cloud Helm charts.

If you did not deploy Strimzi, then this process won’t work. If you use an external Kafka instance, that is possible too, but in this case, you need to configure the Helm charts differently: drogue-cloud-helm-charts/values.yaml at 5d3ab0efe57b3d69be58f61c025fe2e27e21698e · drogue-iot/drogue-cloud-helm-charts · GitHub

Let me know if you need more help. You can also reach out to us in our Matrix channel: