Can't publish msg to cloud in local k8s

  • i can drg create app/dev, but i can’t publish msg by http (also can’t connect to mqtt-endpoint):
huangjm@DESKTOP-06B3E7S:~$ echo '{"temp":42}' | http --auth 'mqtt_dev@some-app:mqtt_dev' POST

http: error: ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', OSError(0, 'Error')) while doing POST request to URL:

but i can publish in the http-endpoint pod:

[root@http-endpoint-57d7ff8fd4-ss6dz endpoint]# curl --data {"temp":42} --cacert /etc/endpoint/tls.crt --user 'mqtt_dev@some-app:mqtt_dev'
[root@http-endpoint-57d7ff8fd4-ss6dz endpoint]#
  • is there something not configure?


these two commands try to do the same thing, send message to http endpoint. Maybe the reason why the first one doesn’t work is because there’s no cert parameter provided. Did you try to use http -- cert /etc/endpoint/tls.crt ...?